When you choose to publish with PLOS, your research makes an impact. Make your work accessible to all, without restrictions, and accelerate scientific discovery with options like preprints and published peer review that make your work more Open.

You are a


You value your research for its power and
potential to create positive change in the world.

Researchers like you are making a real-world difference, contributing to enhanced understanding and effective interventions that can accomplish everything from saving lives to protecting the planet, and more.

By partnering across distance and discipline, and sharing research results broadly, you are influencing practices in your fields, as well as in public policy and government, and society at large.

What does it mean to value change?

1. You believe in the power of knowledge
That more information in the hands of the public, teachers, government, policy makers, and fellow researchers leads to a better world–to improved health outcomes, more conscientious decision-making and a brighter future.

2. You believe that collaboration can accelerate
That sharing small as well as significant scientific advances with the broadest possible audience, and sharing early whenever possible drives progress and increases the pace of advancement.

3. You believe in egalitarianism
That when scientific research is freely accessible and easily discoverable it’s more likely to be read, and to influence future research, public policy, curriculum, and opinion. That everyone should have access to rigorous research, and the power to apply their knowledge in practical ways in the real world.

You don’t have to choose between research impact and your values

Receive tips as a Change-maker in Open Science

“We need creative solutions to ensure every author can make their work open if they choose…”

PLOS Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sara Rouhi, explains why she believes Open Access and inclusivity go hand-in-hand.

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