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When you choose to publish with PLOS, your research makes an impact. Make your work accessible to all, without restrictions, and accelerate scientific discovery with options like preprints and published peer review that make your work more Open.

The future of science will build on the actions we take today

You have the power to revolutionize science communication to ensure Openness for the next generation of scientists

Thank you for practicing Open Science

We at PLOS want to thank all of the researchers practicing Open Science in their daily work, and to support you in making the communication of your work Open, transparent and reproducible for future generations.

Who would you thank?

Join the Open Science community and thank the scientists who’ve made an impact on your career.

Are they experimenters, scholars or a mentor that always believed you could make a difference…

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Future of Open Science

Benefits of publishing with PLOS

When you choose to publish your work with PLOS you’re pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and contributing to a repository of trusted Open Science that can build a framework for equitable participation and distribution of knowledge. Openness is much more than being able to read or share an article; it’s the future of science.

We are continuously expanding our Open Science options to support you and your work. Right now, you can choose to distribute your initial research in a preprint, gain recognition with preregistration, share context with published peer review history and more!

By joining fellow researchers and PLOS in committing to Open Science, you’ll discover the resources to improve reproducibility and the tools to make science better.

Join us as we continue to advance Open Science for researchers and readers

Future of Open Science

Your Open Science journey

Whether you’re finding your feet or an Open Science pro, there’s always more to learn and new practices to follow.


Open your research for discovery

Share your science as broadly and effectively as possible to accelerate discovery and lead a transformation in research communication

What's next?

Institutional Partners

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Implementing name changes for published transgender authors

We’re striving towards a diverse and inclusive future for all researchers.

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      Connect with PLOS

      Receive regular Open Science updates straight to your inbox!

      Connect with PLOS

      Receive regular Open Science updates straight to your inbox!

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