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When you choose to publish with PLOS, your research makes an impact. Make your work accessible to all, without restrictions, and accelerate scientific discovery with options like preprints and published peer review that make your work more Open.


Tell the story behind your research

Share more of your science to be discovered, read, and cited sooner
PLOS supports how you choose to share your science. Our publication and sharing options allow you to publish more of the outputs that shape your research and at the pace of your discoveries. By sharing more of your science earlier and faster you give readers access to science they can trust. By choosing to open your research as it progresses, your findings are discovered, read and cited sooner, reaching a larger audience, and maximizing its potential impact.

Get early feedback on your work by publishing your findings as a Preprint

Share your results when you’re ready with a preprint. Citing and linking to your preprint on your CV can help demonstrate your current work while you’re applying for grant funding or making a career change, even before you publish your final article.

Preprints increase the visibility of your work. Comments from other researchers in your field (and editors at your target journals!) can lead to early feedback that helps shape your work for publication, or connect you with potential collaborations.

PLOS encourages posting preprints to share, get feedback, and receive credit for your results sooner. Our partnership with bioRxiv makes posting life sciences preprints easy and convenient.

Make the intent of your scientific enquiry transparent by Preregistering your study

Preregistering your research question and study design makes the intent of your scientific enquiry transparent before you even begin your investigation. This increases the credibility of your results – including negative outcomes – when your work is published. 

Preregistering your study also facilitates reproducibility further down the line. Plus it’s an easy way to establish priority for a new study!

Reveal the expert assessment that shaped your final work by publishing the Peer Review History

Research relies on the volunteer experts working behind the scenes to evaluate and improve research for publication. When the entire review process becomes more transparent, readers get a better understanding of your work and the research process while reviewers get more opportunities to receive academic credit for their contributions.

Our modular, opt-in approach to published peer review encourages authors and reviewers to reveal the expert perspectives that help shape published research. As an author, you can choose to reveal the expert assessment that has shaped your final work by publishing the peer review history. As a reviewer, you can choose to sign your review and take credit for your comments.

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Contextualize your research for greater reproducibility

Data Policy
Our data policy underlies our commitment to Open Science and ensures your research remains replicable. Find out more

Negative and Null Results
Publishing negative results provides a broader, unbiased view of progress so that readers can have access to the complete scientific record and researchers can build upon your science. Find out more

Replication and Validation Studies
We empower researchers to share more of their knowledge for the greater advancement of science by ensuring important validation studies will be publishable.  Find out more

Our partnership with enables authors to more effectively share methodological details to contextualize their research for greater reproducibility. Find out more

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